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Standard DSL 1.5M/384K
Unlimited 1 DCHP $29.95/mo. ORDER NOW
Advanced DSL 3.0M/512K
Unlimited 1 DCHP $39.95/mo. ORDER NOW
Premium DSL 6.0M/768K
Unlimited 1 DCHP $44.95/mo. ORDER NOW

Premium Tech Support is included! We strive to provide the best technical support.

COMPARE Oplink.net Competition  
Unlimited data/bandwidth. No data caps like AT&T & Comcast! YES NO
Stable Prices, Even after your first 12month contract! YES NO
No annoying PPPoE YES NO
No Setup Fees! YES NO
Real Support from Local Texans! Not outsourced to India! YES NO
Free DSL Modem (Just pay shipping +$14.95) YES NO
Low Latency Connections = Low Ping times for gamers! YES NO

Houston High-Speed DSL Internet Access

While our competition AT&T and Comcast took a step backwards and began charging for data usage overages by imposing data usage caps on their services, Oplink.net gives UNLIMITED DATA USE WITH NO CAPS on our DSL plans. We hope that our bandwidth policy will attract customers to our network.

Our high quality Internet service is provided with PERSONAL SUPPORT that is not available in the Internet provider industry. Let Oplink.net show you the difference! Our employees can handle your entire call, from pre-sales, orders, billing, and technical support! We service most of Houston, TX, plus we have customers in Galveston, Huntsville, and Livingston too.

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    Oplink.net DSL is just better...

  • UNLIMITED Premium Bandwidth

    We use Level3 and Cogent bandwidth. Our multi-homed bgp network keeps latency low while giving you lots of speed and bandwidth on your DSL!

  • No Bandwidth Caps/Date Use Charges

    Unlike AT&T and Comcast, Oplink.net does not limit your speed or charge you for data overages. We include unlimited data use per month with all DSL plans.

  • Premium Support

    We don't outsource our support. We have a real support staff that can help you from Sales to Technical support 24/7.

  • Change DSL Plans/Speeds Anytime

    Add more speed. We can switch your dsl package anytime during your contract.

    Why Us?

  • No data usage caps like AT&T and Comcast have.
  • No bandwidth overage fees
  • No PPPOE
  • Unlimited Access all the time!
  • No Setup Fees
  • Free DSL Modem &
  • 1 Dynamic IP (optional Static IPs)
  • Low Latency Connections = Low Ping times for gamers!
  • Real Support, Not Outsourced!
  • 200M Personal Homepage Space
  • Unlimited Personal @oplink.net Email Boxes

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Does Oplink.net DSL require a land based phone line?

For us to install Oplink.net DSL, you must have an AT&T local phone line. This is necessary because ATT provides Oplink.net the DSL carrier signal to transport your data to our network. The least expensive AT&T local phone service is called "Measured Rate" service. Measured rate service allows receiving unlimited calls, and the placing of 25 calls each month. Place more calls than 25 in a month and the charge is $0.10 each. This service only costs $15-20/month including all fees and taxes. There are no special features, no caller ID, no voice mail, and no long distance. To order a measured rate phone line, please call AT&T directly at 1-800-464-7928 and ask for it by name: "measured rate phone line with no features". Be wary, AT&T sales reps are commission based and will try to sell everything you don't need.

Does Oplink.net offer Dry Loop DSL or Naked DSL?

No, Sorry AT&T has not given us the option to resell the last mile of dry loops at this time.

What is PPPoE?

PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet) A protocol layer that will cut your bandwidth by at least 10%. It also can cause packet fragmenting which will further erode your QoS (Quality of Service), and makes it difficult to share your Internet connection with more than one computer. Avoid PPPoE at all costs. (Even the name is poorly formed it should have been PPP/E) There is also a rule of thumb evolving; if the ISP uses PPPoE they most likely over-sell their bandwidth. It allows the ISP to time-out your connection, etc., thereby not providing always-on service. Companies that use PPPoE include AT&T/Yahoo DSL, DSL Extreme, and Speakeasy.net. All Oplink.net DSL connections use DHCP or Static IPs.

What is DHCP or dynamic IP address?

A common way to identify your computer or router on the Internet with a unique numbered address to ensure data are routed to you specifically. An IP address is similar to a postal address for a physical location. In the case of a dynamic IP address, your Internet numerical address will change from time to time. When you request data from the Internet, your IP address is announced alongwith the request.

What is Latency?

Latency Is the amount of time it takes a unit of data (packet) to travel from your computer to a destination somewhere on the Internet (i.e. the website your trying go to). The lower the latency, the better your surfing experience is. For Internet gamers, latency is very important and large latency (lag) will adversely affect game play. Fortunately Oplink.net has arguably the lowest latency in the Houston Metro area. Low latency is also necessary for near instantaneous stock trading.

What brand DSL modems do you use? Will other DSL modems work with your DSL?

Westell Wirespeed. Model may vary. The modem is a bridged modem and does not include a router or wireless router. Other modems will probably work, but be careful to use one that provides for bridged Ethernet, and do not configure it to use PPPOE. We provide an Oplink modem when you sign up, so few of our customers have purchased their own. If you use a modem we don't provide, we will not be able to support it if anything disrupts your DSL.

What if I move during my contract?

Yes, and there is no cost to move service. DSL is put on a physical AT&T copper based phone line and DSL line share is added to your address and phone number. Oplink.net must update the system with your new address and new phone number. The entire move process will take about 5-7 days to complete. You need to contact us 5-10 business before you move to start the move order request. If you move of our service area any contract cancel fees attached to you contract will apply.

What wireless router do you recommend?

We suggest purchasing a Linksys Wireless Router WRT54G, or a newer model. These can be found at Best Buy, Walmart, Office Max, Office Depot, and the MicroCenter. They cost about $50-60, slightly more for a more advanced model. You will also need to purchase a wireless access card if your computer does not have built in wifi. Any wireless card should do.

Does Oplink.net offer news group access?


I'll not be using my DSL connection for a period of time, is there a way to suspend my account?

No. We're obligated to pay AT&T for the DSL signal that provides the last mile connetion to your location. We can place a disconnect and reconnect you when you come back. If you break the contract, termination may fees apply.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my DSL service while in a contract?

Yes. You will be required to start a new contract at the time of the upgrade/downgrade. You will be eligible for website contract prices, but not new customer website promotions.

Existing Customers Can Renew Online

Near the end of your 12 month contract we send renewal notices about 30days before your contract is up. We also have a simple online form to request a new 12 month contract. We take pride in keeping you as a long term customer. Our renewal process is a hassle free way to quickly renew for the plan/price so you can secure your price for the next 12 months.

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