Exploration and Production Resources On the Internet

A talk given May 15, 1997, for the Houston Geological Society's Emerging Technologies Group

There are several items located under this page. First and foremost is the talk itself, with embedded hyperlinks to the relevant sites on the internet. For reference, I have also placed a copy of a talk I did in 1995 out here, it is a little dated, but still has some good information. Then there is all the stuff I didn't have time to cover in the talk proper. Pointers to all of that are below.

A Collection of Internet Resources for Geoscientists

sci.geo.petroleum FAQ
This is close to an exhaustive list of what is out there. But not quite!
Mailing lists and similar resources out of the sci.geo.petroleum FAQ
This is a long list of email resources that may be useful
A collection of links for various resources
This is my personal set of links, some of which are described in the talk, but many of which I didn't have time to covber.

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