**Announcing New Colocation Plans**

Colocation Plans

1U Firewall


per month

1U Server


per month

2U Server


per month

Optional Addons

  • Extra Power 1AMP +$30/month
  • Redundant Power Supply Connection +20/month
  • Redundant Ethernet Port(bandwidth shared w/ main port) = +$25/month
  • /29 Allocation (5 usable IPs) $15/month
  • /28 Allocation (13 usable IPs) $39/month
  • /27 Allocation (29 usable IPs) $87/month
  • Dedicated 1 Gbps Port, Unmetered (324 TB), $499
  • Dedicated 1 Gbps Port, 1 GB Commit (3,240 TB), $900
  • Dedicated 25 Gbps Port, 10 GB Commit (32,400 TB), $4900
  • Features

    About the Oplink.net Network and Datacenter

    Oplink.net is an independently owned company. Our network is located in a secure private suite inside the Houston CenturyLink/Level3 Tier1 “Premier Datacenter”. This datacenter is the main routing point serving the Houston Metropolitan area. For Internet bandwidth, our dedicated uplink is 100Gb/s over fiber directly to Tier 1 CenturyLink/Level3. CenturyLink/Level3 is multi-homed and multi peered, so we deliver highest reliability and lowest latency access to the Internet. Uplink failure points, added latency, and routing faults common to many other providers in third party data centers are eliminated.

    By owning and managing all equipment, we have total control of how our services are deployed, managed, secured, and supported. In our suite we use new Cisco hardware, resulting in some of the fastest routing on the market. Each rack has a 10Gb/s uplink so there is always plenty of bandwidth to all customers for every service we sell. Many providers resell lower Tier data at the mercy of some other companies’ priorities and equipment problems - Not Oplink.net. Most other providers don’t come close to the quality of bandwidth and services we offer.

    When you’re looking for a provider these things are important. Choose Oplink.net for the best, most reliable, secure, and fastest solution.

    Network Uptime Guarantee

    We take pride to ensure our network availability and uptime. N+1 electrical design and distribution, including dual redundant UPS and battery backups. Automatic power transfer switches ensure a smooth transition to backup power. Dual 24-hour back-up generators - enough capacity to power more than 4,484 homes. See our service level guarantee for further details.

    24 Hour Security

    The datacenter is fully gated and guarded by security 24/7. In addition a Photo ID is required to enter the complex. No clients are allowed in the datacenter without a personal employee escort for added security.

    No Contracts

    Freedom without a contract. Just quick and easy service without any hassle.

    SSAE16 Type II and HIPAA Compliant!

    The CenturyLink/Level3 datacenter we are in is compliant with SSAE16 Type II standards. We are also HIPAA compliant for health care server hosting.

    Datacenter and rack/cabinet specs

  • 68,754 sq. ft. total space & 38,735 sq. ft. raised floor space
  • 12-foot ceiling height clearance
  • Raised floors with structural capacity of 300 lbs./sq. ft.
  • Temperature of 72 degrees +/- 6 degrees
  • Humidity at 50% +/- 10%
  • Three-tiered overhead ladder racking
  • Zone 0 Seismic Code Construction
  • 200+ MPH wind rating
  • 19in 42U Rack with 4 post inner rack cage ( square holes )(max server depth 30 inches)
  • 90+ Miles away from the ocean/coast (**We did not flood during Hurricane Allison or Harvey**)

  • 24/7 Premium Personal Support

    24/7 escorted access or remote helping hands is available. See our service level guarantee for further details.


    View Support Policy View youtube tour of datacenter Download SLA (Service Level Agreement)