Virtual Servers

PlanAMD Ryzen CPU
@ 3.50+ GHz
10 Gbps
Shared Port
10TB Data
Per Month
Always On
DoS Protection
CELL 2GB MEM1 vCore50GB NVMe$6.95
CELL 4GB MEM1 vCore100GB NVMe$14.95
CELL 8GB MEM2 vCores150GB NVMe$29.95
CELL 16GB MEM4 vCores300GB NVMe$59.95
CELL 32GB MEM4 vCores1TB NVMe$69.95
CELL 64GB MEM6 vCores2TB NVMe$149.95
CELL 120GB MEM12 vCores 4TB NVMe$299.95


AMD Ryzen 3900x processors with Raid-10 Protected super fast NVMe Storage.'s AMD VPS outperform most other systems and provide you with the high CPU clock rates for your requirements. We offer Linux and Windows operating systems. We also offer full image backups for added data protection!

3 Day Money Back Guarantee

If your not happy, we will make it right or refund you.

Premium Multi-Homed Network

Keeping you online and stable with our premium Multi-Homed uplink to Level3/Lumen with 100 Gbps and our backup uplink to Cogent. Lumen/Level3 delivers highest reliability and lowest latency access to the Internet. See our Bandwidth Data Policy

Up to 100 Gbps DoS Protection

Protecting your server from attacks online is critical. In May 2020, we deployed Corero's Smartwall DoS real-time mitigation at the edge of our network and put it directly in front of our 100 Gbps Uplink. Everything is 100 Gbps which is key to making the system work without bottlenecks, most other providers use 10 Gbps filters, tunnels, or VPS cloud filtering. Our DoS Protection is inline at the datacenter. This provides the lowest latency instant DoS protection. DoS Protection is $3.00/month per IP. Learn more about how our DoS Protection Works

Free Support

We love helping our clients. We provided free basic support for all servers we host.