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High Resource VPS Cells
VPS CELL 500GB Storage1 AMD Core @ 3.50+ GHz Fair Share4 GB Mem500 GB NVMe Storage1 Gb Unmetered$29.95/month
VPS CELL 1TB Storage1 AMD Core @ 3.50+ GHz Fair Share4 GB Mem1TB GB NVMe Storage1 Gb Unmetered$59.95/month
VPS CELL 32GB6 AMD Cores @ 3.50+ GHz Dedicated CPU32 GB Mem600 GB NVMe Storage1 Gb Unmetered$89.95/month

VPS Performance without high costs

Custom built virtual servers nodes, powered by the AMD Ryzen 3900x CPU. Combine a great AMD Ryzen CPU and local NVMe storage protected by raid10 and you obtain great CPU and IO perforamance. Easily manage your virtual servers inside our client area. We are using SolusIO which is KVM based virt. We have been a partner with SolusIO very early on which has allowed us to suggest new features to improve the VPS experiance to you.

We deisgned the hardware to quickly reinstall, deploy, and test servers in seconds! Use any of premade Templates: AlmaLinux, RockyLinux, Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, and Windows 10 Pro.

DDoS Protection

Protecting your server from attacks online is critical. Our primary backbone is to the internet is Level3 (Tier 1). Our uplink is 100 Gbps fiber. Level3 is multi-homed and multi peered, so we deliver highest reliability and lowest latency access to the Internet. Raw Speedtest & Test IP

By owning and managing all equipment, we have total control of how our services are managed, protected, and supported. All Virtual Servers Cell plans come with 1 Gbps Unmetered Traffic. View Unmetered Bandwidth Policy

In May 2020, we deployed Coreo's Smartwall DDoS real-time mitigation at the edge of our network and put it directly in front of our 100 Gbps Uplink. Everything is 100 Gbps which is key to making the system work without bottlenecks, most other providers use 10 Gbps filters, tunnels, or VPS cloud filtering. Our DDoD Protection is inline at the datacenter. This prodvides the lowest latency DDoS protection. Every server we host inside our datacenter includes DDoS protection! Learn more about how our DDoS Protection Works

Personal Support

Our technical staff is always ready to help you when you need it. We always go above and beyond by ticket/email or by phone.

Optional Managed Support

We do offer cPanel Managed Support with our servers for an added fee. For $50/month we will provide you with 5 hours of support per month. If you have other managed server support needs please Open a Ticket